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China and Cambodia Team Up to Combat Fake News in the Media

PHNOM PENH: Chinese Ambassador Wang Wentian urged the media to strengthen Cambodian-Chinese relations to eliminate exaggerated information about both countries.

Speaking at the Third Cambodia-China Media Summit on November 17, the ambassador recalled the two countries’ commitment to making 2024 the “Year of People-to-People Exchange” as part of building a common destiny of Cambodia and China in the new era.

He added that media relations are an important element of the agreement and urged media to pay attention to cooperative reporting between the two countries. He said that media should connect people to each other, promote learning and deepen cooperation through communication.

"In the exaggerated noise about the two countries, as well as the cooperation Cambodia and China, the media of both countries have struggled to promote the right voice," he said.

Cambodia and China have had diplomatic relations for 65 years, with the previous generation of leaders maintaining good relations.

Information Minister Neth Pheaktra says Cambodia and China are true friends and help each other in difficult times. He said that Cambodia and China have established a “Diamond Cooperation” in six major areas, including politics, production capacity, agriculture, energy, security and people-to-people exchanges.

The Minister called for more Cambodian-Chinese media cooperation and increased coverage of the achievements of bilateral relations, strengthening the principles of justice, trust and combating false information.

"We must work together to safeguard the integrity of the international media by combating false information and interference in information to promote the building of a common destiny of humanity," he said.

The “Year of People-to-People Exchange” was officially announced on October 19, 2023, when Prime Minister Hun Manet met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Third Belt and Road Summit for International Cooperation in China.

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