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Environment Ministry Unveils Circular Strategy for a Greener Cambodia

PHNOM PENH: On November 15, the Cambodian Ministry of Environment officially launched its Circular Strategy for 2023-2028 which includes participation in South Korea’s Campaign for Blue Skies and Net Zero 2050 with the support of the Global Green Development Institute (GGGI), the French Agency for Development (AFD), and Oxfam.

The Campaign for Blue Skies and Net Zero 2050 works to bring businesses, civil society organizations, youth groups, and embassies together to support governments to achieve netzero emissions by 2050. Its members support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals by raising awareness on climate action, demonstrating support, facilitating collaboration and enabling a green recovery to tackle the global climate crisis.

Shomi Kim, Country Representative for GGGI, delivered a keynote address at the launch where she recognized the initiatives as a significant milestone toward a clean, green, and sustainable future. She thanked the Ministry of Environment for its leadership and steadfast commitment to endorsing the Blue Sky Campaign, making Cambodia a pioneer as the first country to embrace the green initiative in Southeast Asia, setting an inspiring example for the global community.

Minister of Environment Eang Sophalleth said, “The environmental cause has embarked on its journey, equipped with a strategic roadmap, the Circular Strategy. Based on this roadmap, our environmental sector will become more efficient and effective, aligning with the Cambodia's vision for 2050. The launch of the Blue Sky and Zero 2050 Emissions Campaign, supported by the GGGI, AFD, and Oxfam, runs concurrent with the three key pillars of the Ministry of Circular Strategy on Environment—cleanliness, greenness, and sustainability.

He emphasized that the government’s commitment to cleaning up the environment now has support from students, teachers, monks, workers, the Cambodian people, development partners, and relevant institutions. He said that widespread participation has resulted in clean schools, pagodas, communities, and cities. He said the collective effort represents the most beautiful smile in Cambodia, attracting international tourists to visit the Kingdom. He said that the government’s commitment to reducing plastic bag use on the ground and joining the Campaign for Blue Skies and Net Zero 2050 for the air, will help keep water resources unpolluted and contribute to a more beautiful Cambodia overall.

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