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PM Vows to Eliminate Extremism in Politics and Religion

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Manet said that extremism, whether in religion or politics, must be eliminated and destroyed because it causes disunity in the society by destroying peace and freedom.

On November 17, the Prime Minister and his wife received a water blessing from the monks at Wat Champouk Kaek, where the leader took the time to rail against extremism as a threat to Cambodia’s hard-won peace.

He said that conflict in the hearts of the people produce prejudice, discrimination, and hatred for nationality or religion. He cited this as the first step to national discord. He went on to say that maintaining national peace and harmony requires everyone to adhere to a central position on mutual respect, understanding and trust.

He stressed that his administration will continue the tradition and policy maintained under his father’s leadership that has continued for more than 40 years, namely respecting and promoting the rights to freedom for individuals to follow their own religions. He then pledged to eliminate extremism, although he did not define the term beyond “views that destroy peace.”

"Obeying, promoting and opening up the rights and freedoms of all religions and striving to maintain religious harmony is an important element in maintaining peace. The government of the seventh mandate is committed to eliminating any extremist policies or views that attempt to destroy peace."

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