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At Least Five Charged for Illegal Use of Firearm in Kirirom

KAMPONG SPEU: Representatives of the Kampong Speu Provincial Prosecutor's Office have charged five people in connection with more than 200 rounds of ammunition fired at a Phnom Kirirom tea plantation.

A spokesperson for the Prosecutor's Office said that a party started on November 11 at about 4:30pm at Teafarm in Thmey Village. According to their report, a group of about 20 people gathered to drink, sing and dance, when the revelers began celebrating by firing guns in the air until 6am the next morning. When authorities showed up, the partygoers fled the scene.

Police inspection showed that the property belonged to a 28-year-old woman whose brother invited friends to celebrate a birthday with fireworks and gunshots.

The spokesperson said that police temporarily closed the location and found a total of 203 ammunition remnants from M16s, AK47s and pistols. He said that four suspects made confessions to the Kampong Speu Police, but that the 32-year-old host and his party guests remained on the run.

The police department is charging the five suspects and their accomplices for the use of firearms, explosives and ammunition without permission in accordance with the provisions of Article 20 of the Law on the Control of Firearms, which have already been sent to the investigating judge for legal proceedings.

The Kampong Speu Prosecutor confirmed that he will continue to search for those fleeing the authorities.

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