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Cambodians to Receive Training in Shipbuilding Production Lines

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea are teaming up to establish human resource development in Cambodia in the field of shipbuilding.

The decision was made during a tripartite meeting between Minister of Labor Heng Sour, South Korean Ambassador Park Jung-Wook, and Deputy Director General of Hyundai Heavy Industries, Kim Dong Il on November 15. HD Hyundai Heavy Industries is a subsidiary of the world-class Hyundai Group, established in 1972. It specializes in the production of ships and large vessels and will help train young Cambodians in the production line for major building projects.

During the discussion, the Minister of Labor thanked South Korea’s government and Hyundai for providing training to Cambodians so that they can become proficient in heavy industry projects.

Ambassador Park Jung-Wook will co-sponsor the training to further deepen economic ties and friendship between the two countries.

The agreement comes a day after the launch of the government’s program that aims to provide 1.5 million at-risk youth with technical and vocational training. The program is meant to provide marketable skills that lead to better employment options for Cambodia’s most impoverished.

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