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7-Year-Old Dolphin Killed in Stung Trey Province

STUNG TRENG: A 7-year-old dolphin was killed by an illegal electric shock fishing device in Stung Treng Province this week.

The Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said that on November 15, a 7-year-old male dolphin, measuring 1.94 meters long and weighing 65 kilograms, died near Koh Chreum village. An autopsy by the Fisheries Administration and the WWF concluded that the dolphin had bruises on its head and body that indicated electric shock.

In 2023, 8 dolphins were born and 5 dolphins died, including two calves, two young adults and one from old age.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture, Im Rachana, said that the Ministry was saddened to learn of the news and said that while the Ministry, relevant authorities and partner organizations are working diligently to protect and conserve the endangered river dolphins, perpetrators continue to use illegal fishing methods that threaten the lives of the national treasure, ignoring the sustainability of Cambodia's natural fisheries resources.

She said, "The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries condemns the perpetrators who are using illegal fishing gear. The professional officers of the Fisheries Administration and all relevant authorities will use all means to identify the perpetrators and to crack down and punish the perpetrators according to the law on fisheries."

The Fisheries Administration states that it will cooperate with the relevant authorities to carry out operations to crack down on crime and severely punish the perpetrators according to the law on fisheries.

The Administration also offered incentives to fishermen and locals who alert the authorities about illegal fishing practices.

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