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Koh Norea Bridge Inaugurated as Solution to Traffic Congestion

PHNOM PENH: The cable-stayed Koh Norea-Koh Pich Bridge is officially open following a ribbon-cutting ceremony presided over by Prime Minister Hun Manet. The bridge is meant to reduce traffic congestion and serve more than 200,000 people who live in the areas surrounding it.

Speaking at the bridge’s inauguration ceremony on November 15, Prime Minister Hun Manet touted his government’s commitment to building infrastructure for the benefit of the people. "Infrastructure is an important link for the nation and the Royal Government always gives priority to the development of the nation," he said.

The bridge, which connects the west side of Koh Pich to Koh Norea on the other side, will alleviate traffic from the Monivong Bridge further south.

The new bridge is part of the second of five priorities listed in the Pentagon Strategy, which include "people, roads, water, electricity and technology." The government has also pledged to reduce fuel cost due to congestion and to facilitate efficient workers’ commutes for the benefit of the economy.

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