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Solidarity Front Reshuffles Leadership Positions after Administration Shift

PHNOM PENH: The Solidarity Front for Development of the Cambodian Motherland (SFDCM) convened for its 6th General Assembly to appoint new leaders that reflect the change in administration that has happened since former Prime Minister Hun Sen stepped down in August.

The assembly was chaired by SFDCM President, and former National Assembly President, Heng Samrin. Former PM Hun Sen was in attendance with about 500 members of the Front on November 15 at the Sokha Hotel.

The SFDCM was formerly known as the Kampuchean United Front for National Salvation. It was established in late 1978 to topple the Khmer Rouge regime, which controlled the country from 1975 to 1979. The Front’s main mission has been to transmit party policy to the masses and to conduct mass campaigns to generate support for the current regime.

The General Assembly passed a resolution approving the election of Heng Samrin as President and Prime Minister Hun Manet as Honorary President of the SFDCM. Additionally, Men Sam An was appointed Chairperson, and Minister of Civil Service Hun Many, who is the Prime Minister’s younger brother, was made Vice-President of the SFDCM National Council. Forty-four other dignitaries were also given roles within the Front.

The General Assembly unanimously agreed on the report and evaluation of the Front’s activities over the last 17 years then set the direction of the organization’s agenda in accordance with new developments. The General Assembly thanked the Front for its hard work and asked its members to continue participating in programs and action plans to contribute to the government’s success in nation-building.

A statement from the General Assembly stated, "The General Assembly would like to express its deepest gratitude to all the patriotic dignitaries, especially Samdech Samrin and Samdech Hun Sen, who are The Supreme Founders of the Front are the most meritorious ancestors, who sacrificed flesh and blood with great heroism in the cause of liberating the motherland and the people from the genocidal [Pol Pot] regime and striving to rebuild and develop the nation to see the progress as it is today."

The General Assembly also called on all compatriots and social groups to unite under one roof, under the same constitution, and under the motto “Nation, Religion, King” to achieve new success in building Cambodia to the level of other developed nations of the world.

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