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Cambodia and Laos continue to Strengthen Cooperation in Transportation

LAOS: This week, Laos is hosting the 56th ASEAN Senior Officials Transport Meetings (STOM) and ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting (ATM) in Luang Prabang. There, the Ministers of Public Works and Transport from Cambodia and Laos met to discuss bilateral work in order to strengthen and expand cooperation in the field of transportation between the two countries.

Minister of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia, Peng Ponea met with his Laotian counterpart, Ngampasong Muongmany, for a bilateral meeting on November 10. During the meeting, Lao’s Minister of Public Works and Transport requested the Cambodian side to consider improving infrastructure connectivity, improving transport corridors and improving the flow of goods, tourism and services between the two countries. He hopes to develop economic, social and cultural frameworks between the two countries and their bordering regions.

Peng Ponea responded that the infrastructure connection between the two countries is very important for socio-economic development, and that this connection is in line with the comprehensive master plan on the Intermediate Transportation and Logistics System 2023-2033, which was recently approved by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

The two leaders agreed to continue expanding cooperation between the two countries, especially in implementing projects that will benefit both sides.

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