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PM, King Call on Unity towards Nation Building

PHNOM PENH: While celebrating the establishment of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF), Prime Minister Hun Manet expressed his intent to restore national pride to levels not seen since the Angkorian era when the Khmer Empire was expanding and creating a historic legacy that can be seen to this day. In front of the King, he promised that his government will make Cambodia more prosperous and build democracy to be more robust.

The RCAF is a national army that was formed from by the Franco-Khmer Military Convention on January 7, 1946, when France arranged for the transfer of military power to Cambodia the following year. Cambodia chooses to celebrate the birth of the national military on November 9, however, to coincide with its celebration of independence from French rule.

Prime Minister Hun Manet was part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the RCAF in front of the Royal Palace on November 9. There, he repeated his party’s platform, saying he is committed to safeguarding peace, independence, sovereignty and national achievement. He also pledged to build a progressive, multi-party democracy based on the rule of law with respect to human rights, thereby making the lives of the people more prosperous and dignified.

He said his government is committed to building an effective and non-discriminatory social protection system, ensuring financial sustainability and protection for the public against economic risks, health crises and other threats to public safety. He also reaffirmed Cambodia's foreign position based on the law of friendship and participation in all regional and global peacekeeping activities.

King Norodom Sihamoni also spoke at the event, calling for unity towards prosperous nation building. "I would like to call on all Cambodians from all walks of life to unite as one under the umbrella of the Constitution to contribute to the protection and construction of the motherland in all areas," he said.

The King noted that Prime Minister Hun Manet has continued the political path of his father, former Prime Minister Hun Sen, which he credited for maintaining peace, national unity and harmony in society, which has made Cambodia more prominent on the international stage.

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