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PM: Sihanoukville Will Be the Wealthiest Province in 2050

SIHANOUKVILLE: Speaking to a crowd of nearly 15,000 factory workers in Sihanoukville on November 7, Prime Minister Hun Manet promised to develop the province into the richest area in Cambodia by 2050. He went on to extoll the Cambodian values that make the country an ideal place for foreign investment.

During his speech, the Prime Minister called Sihanoukville an uncut, which the government will polish into a precious gem. With his administration’s vision of becoming a high-income country by 2050, the PM said that those living in Sihanoukville will be among the richest.

He lauded the area’s potential due to its ports, tourism value and status as a Special Economic Zone. He said that Sihanoukville has the potential to power the nation’s economy.

"Hopefully, in five years, ten, or 15 years, with the goal of 2050, our country will become a high-income country with Sihanoukville as one of the leading provinces in economic income," he said.

Prime Minister Hun Manet also mentioned three policies that make Cambodia more attractive and valuable to investors: peace, open economy and proper diplomacy.

Speaking at a meeting with more than 15,000 factory workers in Sihanoukville, the PM explained that ending Cambodia’s civil war in the 1990’s brought peace to the country that eases the risk for investors.

He also noted Cambodia’s open economy as an attractive draw for investors, where prices are determined by supply and demand and businesses can be competitive.

Finally he said that Cambodia’s policy of neutrality is the kind of diplomacy that frees up Cambodia’s abilities to export to other countries without the threat of an embargo. He emphasized that Cambodia does not consider any country an enemy.

"Diplomatic policy is very important," he said. “We export goods to Europe, to the Middle East, to ASEAN, without taking any country as an enemy.”

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