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PM Says New Govt Tech to be Used to Decentralize, Not Consolidate Power

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Manet urged ministries and institutions, especially the Ministry of Interior, to strengthen the process of decentralization to bring public services closer to the people. The national government began the process of transferring power to the regional level under former Prime Minister Hun Sen. Under the leadership of his son, Prime Minister Hun Manet, the process is apparently being expedited.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the lavish new Ministry of Interior building on November 6, the PM said that his administration will strengthen decentralization to better provide basic services to the public. He emphasized that power in education, health and agriculture must be delegated away from a single national entity and towards a more local level to provide services quickly and effectively.

"The locals are the ones who know exactly what is going on at the grassroots level," he said.

He stressed that while the government is upgrading its use of technology within the administrative system, it should be used for decentralization, and not for ministries and institutions to seize more power.

He noted that the transfer of power could not happen all at once and that it would take time and effort. He said that decentralization needs to be authorized to provide funding, strengthen local officials and enforce accountability.

Speaking to local leaders, he urged them to strengthen the mechanisms needed to carry out services at their One Window facilities. One Window Service Offices have been established in more and more districts over the last decade to provide certified documents to the public in a more efficient way that prevents some forms of corruption.

The PM stated that all work must be transparent and clean for the nation, and the Capital and Provincial Administrations must monitor their municipalities, districts, and communes in organizing their infrastructure.

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