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Education Minister Addresses Rumors of Cheating on Diploma Exam

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Education says that the first day of the High School Diploma Exams have begun in a smooth and orderly manner, both inside and outside the examination centers. The Ministry says the exam process proceeded as scheduled.

The first subject on the morning of the first day of the written exams took place from 7:30 to 8:30am and tested students on their knowledge of Ecology and Social Science.

The Ministry has called on all candidates to respect the rules of the exam and not to bring electronic devices into the examination center or exam room, saying that those found in violation of the rules will be automatically dropped from the exam.

Education Minister Hang Chuon said that his ministry has teamed up with the Anti-Corruption Unit to ensure the exam process is honest and strict. In past years, questions and answers on the exams have been leaked, permitting students to cheat. "We would like to confirm that there have been no violations because our work is very strict,” he told reporters. “There are regular inspections by the Anti-Corruption Unit not only on paper but also on Facebook."

He also rejected rumors that some questions from the history exam had been leaked in the days leading up to the exam. "This year, for the first time [there will be no leaks],” he said. He then considered that such breaches of the exam could have political motivations and said, “This does not benefit our youth.”

He called on candidates to study hard rather than look for a way to cheat.

This year, over 137,000 students have registered to take the High School Diploma Exam, with over 96,000 of them testing in social sciences.

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