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Enchanted Forest Halloween Party Attracts Unique Costumes with New Performances

PHNOM PENH: Many people dressed strangely, some as monsters, some as angels at a show organized on Saturday, October 28 called “The Enchanted Forest Halloween Party.”

Organizer Phal Monysakada said the program was designed to create a Halloween party that incorporates a cinematic style modeled after an enchanted forest.

"The reason we want do this show is because in Phnom Penh there are not many cinematic custom parties and we want to be the first entity to pull off the creative event that focuses on premium event that make sure of cinematic scenes," he said.

At Koh Pich City Hall guests were greeted with drinks and free cosmetics at the door. A Custom Beauty booth provided free make-up to participants.

Working the event was Ms. Cheata, who said that participants can dress-up however they want for the event, whereas other parties are sometimes limited to spooky attire. The liberal dress code made things more interesting.

 “Today's program is different! Because Halloween used to dress up like a ghost, but now you dress up like what you want,” she said. She added that the night would be filled with multiple performances. “Within this one show, there are a lot of shows.”

"It's magical like we see and everyone can show themselves off, be real," said partygoer Sokim, wearing horns on his head that represent his Zodiac sign, Capricorn.

Dressed up as a Japanese Geisha with deer horns on his head, Ban was impressed with the ambience and appreciated that it wasn’t all horror themed. “The decor, the entrance is really good!” he said. “Speaking of this concept Halloween, [it] is not a Halloween about ghosts! But it's a beautiful Halloween."

The show entertained the audience with a remix song before singer Thena came up with a romantic song that warmed the audience up before launching the Haus of Chilli drama: Disney tales with performances by drag queens and singer Sophia Kao.

Mika Chiva, a drag queen from the Haus of Chilli, said she was really happy to be there tonight and perform while making the audience feel as happy. "Since like last year, we are doing like our group party and this year NIMITH is the organizer and host of the party,” she said. “We want to do something more and make Cambodia experience a Halloween party."

Organizer Phal Monysakada said that he was very happy with the party’s outcome and promised that next year they will hold the event again. "I'm very happy with the result, I saw a full house tonight and everyone was cheering,” he said. “They enjoyed the drinks. All the sponsors-Budweiser, Pepsi they provide all this to all our fans to enjoy. We are really grateful and we had the grand performance everyone was enjoying that."

Co-organizer Bun Hak thanked all the participants and sponsors for making the event possible. "I'm really excited for everyone and how everyone is involved because we think in great detail about this program from start to finish," he said. “That's why I am really excited for next year and it will be even bigger for sure. [You can see] from the engagement from the crowd."

Another Halloween Party by event organizer NIMITH will be back next year with a new digital concept. Mika Chiva said, “If you want to know more about new concept in next year you can go to the Facebook official page of NIMITH.”

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