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Cambodia-China Friendship Building to Receive an Update

PHNOM PENH: The Council of Ministers Friendship Building stands as a symbol of unity between Cambodia and China. Minister in Charge of the Office of the Council of Ministers, Vongsey Vissoth, and the Chinese Embassy’s Economic and Trade Advisor, Zhong Jie agreed that the building would be renovated and reflect the ongoing commitment of the two countries towards a shared destiny.

The Minister extended a warm welcome to the Chinese advisor on October 9 and expressed gratitude for the traditionally positive cooperation between the governments of China and Cambodia. He said that the countries should be proud of the fruitful results of their partnership in the economy, trade, investment and people-to-people contacts.

The Minister praised the cooperation built under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which serves not only to build infrastructure, but also to link development policies and the trade economies for both countries and their people. He said he was optimistic about the potential of the Common Destiny of Cambodia-China vision for 2024-2028 and encouraged the acceleration of the plan.

He also mentioned the possibility of preparing a Memorandum of Understanding between the Office of the Council of Ministers and the Chinese Embassy to strengthen the effectiveness of the plan and monitoring its progress by coordinating development policies, drafting effective legislation and building the capacity of civil servants.

The two sides agreed to begin in-depth studies of the economic, environmental and technological aspects of the proposed "Fish and Rice Corridor" and the "Industrial Development Corridor” which will increase trade and production between the two countries. They also agreed to expedite the discussion on renovating and improving the Friendship Building of the Office of the Council of Ministers, which is a symbol of friendship between the two countries, and agreed to cooperate to enhance the capacity of civil servants within the Council of Ministers.

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