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Cambodian Student among Hundreds Killed in Israeli-Hamas Battle

ISRAEL: A government spokesperson announced that a Cambodian student was killed in a surprise attack on Israel from Hamas on October 7. So far, around 300 Israelis and over 250 Palestinians have been killed, with thousands more injured. The Israeli government has officially declared war on the militant group.

The Cambodian government expressed its deepest condolences to the victim’s family and said it was in regular contact with the Israeli government to keep its citizens safe during the conflict. It said it has been able to contact most of the Cambodian students in Israel, of which there are an estimated 450. The government asked Cambodians in Israel to reach out via Whatapps or Telegram to +85586881688 to receive information on staying safe and to coordinate evacuation efforts if necessary. It asked that Cambodian nationals present in Israel adhere to the instructions of Israeli authorities to maintain their safety. The Royal Government Spokesperson Unit will provide more information as the situation develops.

Former Prime Minister Hun Sen reiterated the government’s message via a voice message on Telegram, asking Cambodians in Israel to stay safe and obey Israeli authorities.

"This is an unprecedented large-scale attack by Hamas to Israel, which requires Israel to fight back to protect the people in the region," he said. “That includes our students as well.” He advised students to remain calm and prioritize safety.

"Let the people remain calm and believe in the Israeli authorities' ability to solve the problem in the fight against the Palestinian militant group Hamas," he said. "We will do our best to protect the lives of our people, the more than 400 students studying in Israel."

He also advised families to be in constant contact with their relatives studying in Israel and to tell them not to panic, which could cause further issues.

The former PM said that he would continue to monitor the issue along with the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture and other relevant authorities.

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