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Phnom Krom Temple Provides a Quieter, More Natural Visitor Experience

SIEM REAP: Off the beaten track atop a 140 meter hill sits an ancient temple just 10km outside of Siem Reap. The Phnom Krom temple is home to three shrines that predate the more famous Angkor structures, built in the 9th century under King Yasovarman. Guests who venture out to this temple, which does require an Angkor pass, are treated to spectacular views of the Cambodian countryside, the Tonle Sap Lake and an unencumbered view of sunrise and sunset.

Deputy Director of the Travel Agency at Phnom Krom, Mr. Rady said that Phnom Krom is popular for those who want to see ancient Khmer temples in addition to a more expansive view of the sunset than Angkor Wat can provide. The Krom Hill is surrounded by lowlands with no other tall features to block the view. Guests can also gain a unique perspective on the Tonle Sap’s flooded forest from the west side. He added that tourists who come to Phnom Krom get to experience Cambodia’s natural beauty with fresh air, beautiful scenery and a sky that varies from bright red and gold, to clear blue, even on a cloudy day.

The deputy director said that the APSARA Authority does a good job of maintaining the tourist destination in an orderly fashion so that visitors can spend their time making unforgettable memories at the rare sight.

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