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Cambodian Red Cross Joins Ministry of Environment in Campaign to Reduce Plastic Use

PHNOM PENH: The Cambodian Red Cross and the Ministry of Environment are teaming up to reduce the use of plastic under the theme "Today I will not use plastic bags" in Kampong Chhnang on September 30.

On the afternoon of September 27, Deputy Secretary-General for the Cambodian Red Cross (CRC), Men Neary Sopheak, met Secretaries of State for the Ministry of Environment Ngauv Borina and Mom Thany, alongside other ministry officials, to discuss a campaign to reduce plastic use in the spirit of the Phnom Penh Declaration that was signed this week by the Southeast Asian Red Cross Red Crescent leaders following their annual meeting. The campaign is also in line with the government’s Pentagon Strategy to raise Cambodia’s standard of living.

The leaders of the Red Cross and the Ministry of Environment agreed to prioritize three tasks: reduce the use of plastic, reforestation to increase forest cover by 60% by 2050, and providing alternative sources of income for those who make their living off deforestation.

The Cambodian Red Cross plays an important role in assisting public authorities across the country in the field of humanitarian assistance to help the vulnerable communities.

The campaign to reduce the use of plastic was initiated by the Ministry of Environment in over 1,000 schools, reaching more than one million students. The ministry intends to expand the campaign to more factories, enterprises and private companies.

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