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Parties Remain Deadlocked at 19th Minimum Wage Meeting

PHNOM PENH: The 19th meeting to set Cambodia’s minimum wage for 2024 resulted in another standstill today as employers conceded to up their offer by 50 cents, earning factory workers an extra $6 per year, which unions are not willing to accept.

According to a press release from the National Minimum Wage Council, the minimum wage for those who manufacture textiles, garments, footwear, travel products and bags for 2024 has not yet been decided. With an offer of $201.50 for monthly minimum salary, factory owners are falling short of the workers’ union’s initial proposal for $215. The government, who is mediating the talks, has proposed a minimum of $202, while the union is split on how much to lower their bid. According to a vote 12 out of 17 union board members agreed to lower their proposal to $213, while the remaining five agreed to lower their bid to $204.

Representatives of the employers' side submitted their final position of US $ 201.5 and the representatives of the Royal Government, based on technical specifications, raised the figure to $202. The current minimum wage is $200.

So far there have been 19 meetings to discuss the minimum wage, including eight internal meetings of each party, two bilateral meetings between employers and workers and 9 tripartite meetings that include the government as a mediator. On September 18, there were three different discussions, with one internal meeting of workers' representatives and two tripartite meetings.

According to the press release, the representatives of the workers 'side and the representatives of the employers' side will respect the September 28 deadline to decide on a minimum wage that will ensure a better investment and business environment and improve workers’ wages while protecting their rights, honor and benefits.

The final discussion to set the minimum wage will be held on September 28 at 9:00 am.

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