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Ministry of Health Warns about Spike in Dengue Cases

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Health reminded the public to be vigilant and responsible in protecting their personal and family health by helping to prevent the spread of dengue fever at home and on a large-scale community basis.

On September 12, the ministry released a statement noting a significant increase in dengue cases, noting that the viral infection has a 5-6 year cycle during which cases peak.

Dengue fever can occur in people of all ages and is caused by the dengue virus, transmitted by the bite of a tiger mosquito that lays eggs in water. The ministry warned people to be aware of anything that can collect still water from jars, flower pots and bowls at home to tires and cans that are stored or disposed of in open fields, leaving a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The Ministry of Health advised anyone with a high fever of 39 to 40 degrees Celsius to seek consultation and treatment at the hospital as soon as possible and to contact the emergency number 115 for any further questions. It recommended that exposed vessels for liquids be washed once a week or well-covered to prevent rainfall from collecting. It also advised working with local health officials to put pesticides in large pools of water where mosquito eggs can be laid. It said that citizens must incinerate or keep dry unused materials like tires, coconut shells, bowls and cans to prevent the spread of dengue fever.

The ministry instructed residents and local authorities to join the movement to reduce and prevent the growth of mosquitoes, adhering to the slogan "I and my family are a model family because my house and my home are free of mosquito larvae."

It said that people must adhere to clean living habits and proper storage to prevent a community outbreak. It said that houses should be kept full of light when possible to deter mosquitos and that clothes should be inspected before worn as the insects gather in wardrobes for their cool, dark environment. It suggested that people wear long-sleeved clothing, sleep under a mosquito net regularly day and night and to avoid quiet, shady areas where the insects like to gather.

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