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Minister of Inspection Supports the Promotion of Women in Institutions

PHNOM PENH: Head of the Ministry of Inspection (formerly known as the Ministry of National Assembly-Senate Relations), Huot Hak, announced his support for a focus on gender equality in his ministry by promoting the role of women while also valuing seniority, qualifications and virtues.

Speaking at his first weekly meeting on September 11, Minister Huot Hak, who himself replaced female Minister Men Sam An last month, emphasized the new prime minister’s policy of “You Learn, You Pass” which promotes the idea of meritocracy over nepotism. The Minster of Inspection said that vacancies will be filled in line with the new administration’s Pentagon Strategy of building up quality human resources.

He requested that officials at all levels to study hard, develop their skills and learn more about subjects related to the areas for which they are responsible such as inspection, construction, administration, legal documents and technology.

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