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Cambodia, Japan Vow to Strengthen Diplomatic Ties under New Admin

PHNOM PENH: Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia, Ueno Atsushi, is meeting with members of the former and new administrations this week to maintain cooperative ties as the Cambodian government transitions into the hands of the next generation.

On September 13 the Japanese ambassador met with new National Assembly President Khuon Sodary, where the two diplomats pledged to strengthen diplomacy and cooperation between their countries, especially in matters of trade, human resource development and person to person exchanges.

The National Assembly stressed that Cambodia and Japan have a long history of friendly relations and that this year marks the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic ties under various kings, prime ministers and emperors. Khuon Sodary said the Cambodian congress is proud to be a friend of Japan and that the country is grateful for Japan’s investment in the banking, technology, electronic and auto sectors that have created jobs and helped to reduce poverty by boosting economic growth.

The Japanese ambassador graciously accepted the praise and promised to continue lobbying for his country’s investment in Cambodia, particularly in terms of increasing the volume of trade between the two countries and encouraging tourism. He pledged a continuation of scholarships to Cambodian students and civil servants and to provide skills training to Cambodian workers in Japan. He also promised to provide human resource development, especially for young members of parliament and the National Assembly’s civil servants as the Cambodian government welcomes hundreds of fresh faces to its ranks.

Khuon Sodary emphasized the important role Japan has played in establishing Cambodia’s peace and development and said that the Cambodian people will never forget their contribution.

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