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Hun Many Says Qualifications to Be Valued over Connections Moving Forward

PHNOM PENH: The Minister of Civil Service, Hun Many, vowed to reform the civil service exam, saying that applicants need to rely on their abilities rather than their connections.

During a meeting with leaders and officials of the Royal School of Administration on September 11, Minister Hun Many, who is the younger brother of Prime Minister Hun Manet said, "There is no need to know important people; there is no need to have connections, but you need to have the ability. I have a high role and responsibility to the Prime Minister, as the Minister of Public Service, in resolving the reform of this exam as thoroughly as possible and achieving social justice and equity reform that can be accessible to all."

He expressed his willingness to speed up the national civil service exam procedure so that it is completed as soon as possible. He referred to Prime Minister Hun Manet’s speech to factory workers on September 9, where the PM called for reforms to civil service applications that ensure accuracy, transparency and justice to ensure people of the new administration’s principles.

"In order to eliminate social injustice and be transparent and equal, we must start by creating a fair competition mindset rather than competition from behind," said Hun Many.

In a meeting with staff of the Ministry of Public Works, he said that he has three main goals: to implement the PM’s vision to reform public administration, to build public trust in the government and to contribute to the modernization of public institutions.

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