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PM Returns from ASEAN with International Mandate

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Manet returned to Cambodia last night after attending the ASEAN Summit in Indonesia. Over four days, the prime minister attended 32 meetings, leaving him little time to rest, but confirming his legitimacy on an international stage.

Speaking at a press conference after the delegation’s plane touched down at Phnom Penh airport on the night of September 7, Delegate So Naro said that on the journey home, Prime Minister Hun Manet was tired and wondered how tired his father must have felt after such an event.

So Naro added, “Samdech Hun Sen was older and did all that work. Once the young generation gets to work, they realize how big this job is.” He added that PM Hun Manet had little time to rest during the ASEAN summit because he had to attend meetings and monitor the situation at home.

On the morning of September 8, the PM posted a photo taken by his wife during the flight to Jakarta, showing him reviewing documents. He said that travel time is the best time to do necessary work, because after the plane landed, it was meeting from morning until night.

The PM led a Cambodian delegation to the ASEAN Summit on September 4 and met with all ASEAN leaders in addition to leaders from China and India. So Naro said that PM Hun Manet's first visit to the ASEAN Summit solidified his legitimacy as the new Prime Minister and demonstrated the international acceptance of his appointment to his father’s previous role. He said that this will attract additional investment to Cambodia and that economic negotiations were also held this week.

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