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MoH: Booster Shots Should be Given Between Six to Eight Months After the First Dose

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health has clarified that the booster shot or third dose should be given to a person between six or eight months after the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Ministry of Health spokesperson, Dr. Or Vandine says that it is important to follow the regulation in receiving the vaccines to avoid health risks to any individuals. She has stressed that Cambodia’s vaccination started back in February inoculating armies, doctors, border guards and other frontline workers. That means August is the sixth month since the Covid-19 vaccination campaign started in the kingdom.

Dr. Vandine has advised the fully vaccinated individuals not to rush in getting booster shots. She says, “We want a vaccine, but we also have to adhere to the technical rules of the vaccine, because we have to think that this vaccine is a type of virus that is steamed to reduce its adaptation so that it does not enter the body. We do. Thus, it is not something that we always want to play. So please be very careful.”

She has also stressed that for people playing an important role in the borders in curbing the further spread of Covid-19, then they would be considered to receive booster shots. However, she has warned that for those who already surpassed the eight-month period after the first dose was injected, the AstraZeneca shots could not be given. She has also supported the Prime Minister’s message that more study is needed about the booster shots in fighting against Covid-19.

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