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Former PM Advises New Admin to Be Careful About Discarding Senior Officials

PHNOM PENH: Former Prime Minister Hun Sen said that he does not support any reforms that discard officials who have worked hard in the past.

On his Telegram channel on the morning of August 30, the former PM reminded the new administration to respect the value of those who came before them and worked hard for Cambodia. Without giving any specifics, he referred to officials being removed for no apparent reason and told the new administration to beware of immoral reforms that would cast out the previous generation.

Before he left office, Hun Sen met with members of the outgoing and upcoming administrations on August 10. There, he requested the new Cabinet to continue to take care of older officials by providing them advisory roles in its ministries and institutions.

The long-reigning Cambodian People's Party, for which Hun Sen is president, claims to have always valued and gathered intellectuals, scholars, and talented individuals to participate in building and serving the nation and its people. The CPP slogan “Keep the old, increase the new” encourages welcoming anyone to the party who refutes ties to Hun Sen’s opponents so that the party can grow its numbers. Party members, who control almost all of the government, are also expected to “keep the old” by allowing senior members to hold on to power in less active roles.

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