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Ministry Calls for Caution at Sea and Along the Coast as Weather Intensifies

PHNOM PENH: Typhoon Saola has re-intensified over the Philippines over the last 24 hours and is expected to make landfall in Southeast China on Friday. As the tropical storm makes its way to China, Cambodian authorities are warning people, especially along the coast, to remain vigilant against an increase in high winds and rain.

 The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology forecast that from September 1-4, there will be rain, wind and high waves on the sea, posing a serious risk to small vessels and coastal residents. While the whole country can expect an increase in rainfall and wind, coastal regions can expect continuous moderate to heavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds as the weakened effects of Typhoon Saola combine with a low pressure system throughout Southeast Asia.

The ministry has called on the public to be careful and avoid any possible dangers related to the approaching storms. On August 28, the ministry announced that Cambodia was affected by prolonged low pressure systems over northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, along with the weak effects of Typhoon "Saola" in the eastern part of the country. Since then, the typhoon has intensified and displaced around 19,000 Filipinos as it makes its way to Taiwan.

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