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Light Rail Project between Siem Reap and New Airport Introduced

SIEM REAP: With the Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport to be officially launched in October 2023, the Siem Reap administration is discussing plans to build a light rail line from the airport to the city of Siem Reap.

The light rail project discussed during a meeting between the Siem Reap Deputy Governor Pin Prakot, Senior Road Traffic Engineer, Xi Shaoming, and the China Metro company on August 23.

Senior Engineer Xi Shaoming confirmed that the light rail project has two options: to build atop the old road or to construct a completely new path. "The project is still unclear, as the technical team is visiting to collect data on the impacts," he said.

China Metro has requested the authorities and relevant institutions to cooperate in collecting information and data, as the railway may pass through the Angkor area and could affect the ancient sites or areas where the APSARA Authority has prohibited construction.

Deputy Governor Pin Prakot agreed to the project and is ready to cooperate with the company to study potential impacts. He is hopeful that the completed project will be able to effectively respond to the increase in tourists and transportation services that will come with the new airport’s opening.

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