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Sar Kheng to Next Administration: We Work for the Nation, Not for Ourselves

PHNOM PENH: In his final week as Minister of Interior, Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng inaugurated the extravagant new Ministry of Interior building and instructed the upcoming administration on performing their duties to the highest standard

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony on August 17, DPM Sar Kheng recommended that those taking over be well-organized in their roles, duties, and working methods to create solidarity between senior officials and lower officials, while adhering to the principles of honesty in order to boost accomplishments for the people of the nation. He stressed that those working in the building must actually show up for work and not just phone it in or have others punch-in for them.

He said, "Those at the top are honest with those at the bottom. Those at the bottom are also honest with those at the top. They do not lie and do not trick each other. We work for the nation, for the people, not for ourselves. We might benefit in some ways, but we must uphold the interests of the nation and the people as a whole, which is a fundamental issue that all must adhere to."

He also advised that they not stifle themselves, but rather show that they are capable leaders who hold firm ideals, especially in their loyalty to the nation. He said that while he will not be working in the new building, he firmly supports the upcoming administration in the name of peace, stability and development which will allow the Royal Government to overcome all obstacles now and in the future.

Sar Kheng has been a deputy prime minister since 1992, when he was also made a co-Minister of Interior with FUNCINPEC member You Hockry. He has been the sole Minister of Interior since 2006 and his son is rumored to take over the position when the new government is inaugurated on August 21. DPM Sar Kheng has also represented Battambang as a Member of Parliament since 1993.

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