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2 Charged with Attempted Robbery and Kidnapping after High-Speed Chase in Sihanoukville

SIHANOUKVILLE Police in Sihanoukville arrested two Chinese nationals on kidnapping charges following a high-speed chase that turned into a foot chase and ended in gunfire on August 13.

Provincial Police Chief Major General Chuon Narin said the case occurred at 6 a.m. Sunday after residents reported the kidnapping of a Chinese national by two men. He said that shortly after receiving this information, a high-speed chase ensued as they tried to arrest the suspects. Upon being noticed, the suspects sped away and injured a man on a motorbike before finally colliding with a white Lexus 570 and fleeing on foot through a nearby market.

Police managed to swiftly catch one suspect, who was armed with a small gun. The other suspect turned on the police and threatened them with a knife. Police fired two warning shots, but one of the bullets hit the suspect’s leg and he was taken to the Sihanoukville Provincial Referral Hospital for treatment. The kidnapping victim was also taken in for treatment for a severe neck injury.

Allegedly, the suspects kidnapped the victim and demanded $1 million from him. The case is currently under review before the suspects answer for their charges in court.

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