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Cambodia Ready to Organize 2026 International Scouts Conference

PHNOM PENH: Future first lady and General Commissioner of the Girl Guides Association of Cambodia (GGAC), Pich Chanmony, returned from Cyprus yesterday having secured Cambodia’s bid to host the next global scouts conference in 2026. The commissioner expressed confidence in Cambodia’s ability to host a world-renowned event and said she was ready to get to work with her association to lead the GGAC through an incredible opportunity to showcase Cambodia on an international stage.

Upon her return to Cambodia on August 2, GGAC Commissioner Pich Chanmony spoke happily and confidently about planning the 39th World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) Conference in Siem Reap. She noted that winning the bid to host the next conference was one thing, but organizing the event with the association and multiple stakeholders was quite another.

The commissioner held a press conference at the Phnom Penh International Airport, where she beamed with pride about the first time in the GGAC’s 70 year history that it will host the conference. She credited Cambodia’s peace, stability and development for the opportunity to show the world its culture, attractions and development.

"And we think this plan is possible [with the work of] not only the Girl Guides Association of Cambodia alone, but with the help of other stakeholders. That is our plan and we think all the teams will cooperate," she said.

In just three years, Cambodia will host the WAGGGS Conference in Siem Reap. Pich Chanmony said that from now on, the GGAC will increase its planning efforts, while continuing to encourage women and girls in Cambodia to be strong. WAGGGS is made up of about 160 member countries, which presents Cambodia with a big opportunity to reach an international audience.

As General Commissioner, Pich Chanmony led the GGAC toward a successful bid to host the next world conference, winning out over Tunisia and Ghana on July 31. At this year’s WAGGGS conference in Cyprus, their win was announced followed by cheers and the raising of the Cambodian flag.

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