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Cambodian Embassy Receives Award in South Korea

Phnom Penh: The Cambodian Embassy in the Republic of Korea has received the Honourable Shine Integrity Achievement Award. The award has been presented by the Korean Anti-Corruption Civil Society Federation, which is comprised of more than 300 anti-corruption associations and parties. The award has been bestowed in recognition of the Cambodian Embassy’s contribution to South Korea’s campaign for a corruption-free society.

Cambodian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Long Dimanche, says he would like to “dedicate this precious honor to all the officials, diplomats and staff of the Cambodian Embassy who are the leading forces on the international stage to protect the honour, prestige and national interest”.

He went onto say that the Cambodian Embassy is organized and implemented as one of the kingdom’s state institutions on the territory of South Korea, “which serves the public with transparency, efficiency, equity and virtue in order to uphold the interests of the nation and the people at large”.

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