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Five parties support Hun Manet as the new Prime Minister of Cambodia

Phnom Penh: In a significant display of unity, five political parties have come forward to express their endorsement for the appointment of Gen Hun Manet as the next Prime Minister of Cambodia. This announcement follows Prime Minister Hun Sen's speech on July 26, 2023, where he publicly declared his resignation from the position of Prime Minister, paving the way for the smooth transition of power to Gen Hun Manet in the 7th legislature of the National Assembly.

The Khmer One Party in a press release on July 28, 2023, firmly voicing their belief in Hun Manet's ability to take on the role of the new Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia in the near future. They see him as a beacon of new leadership for the nation, focused on securing the interests of Cambodia and establishing a Khmer-style democracy that rejects the influence of foreign extremist ideologies in Cambodian politics.

Similarly, the Dharmacracy Party and the Farmer Party have both declared their unwavering support for Gen Hun Manet to assume the position of Prime Minister in the 7th legislature. They believe he will lead the new Royal Government of Cambodia with a strong commitment to national development, safeguarding national security, fostering democracy, and upholding human rights. Their vision is to drive a robust national economy and ensure a better quality of life for the Cambodian people.

The Cambodian Nationality Party has also expressed its complete backing for Prime Minister Hun Sen's political message, endorsing the preparation of a new scenario that places Gen Hun Manet as the Prime Minister for the seventh term of the National Assembly. They view this transition as a monumental sacrifice in Prime Minister Hun Sen's political career and believe that the new scenario aligns perfectly with Cambodia's Constitution and the will of its citizens. They view Gen Hun Manet as an exceptionally capable individual, making him the ideal candidate for the nation's top leadership position.

Finally, the Democracy Power Party joins the chorus of support, backing Gen Hun Manet as the Prime Minister to lead the new Royal Government of Cambodia. Their focus is on driving national development and maintaining a strong and democratic peace to facilitate the growth of the country's economy. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that the lives of the people are respected and improved.

The Democrats emphasize that while there may be winners and losers in political contests, what is essential is recognizing the election results and supporting the winners to steer the nation forward.

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