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PM Meets with 85 International Observers

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen met with a delegation of 85 of the 334 foreign observers from 65 countries at the Peace Palace on the morning of July 22.

Deputy Prime Minister Srey Thamrong told reporters that the Prime Minister extended a warm welcome to the international observers, who were even greater in number this year than in the last election, which he said showed the growth of democracy in Cambodia.

He stated that the PM told the observers that they will witness tomorrow’s election in a free and fair manner and would see the reality of democracy in Cambodia. Afterwards, the PM listened to comments from the guests before discussing and detailing the election process in Cambodia.

According to Srey Thamrong, the delegates were interested in Cambodia’s progress, with some of them having visited during the previous elections. Many praised the rapid growth of political and economic development, especially in regards to high-rise buildings and better living conditions.

Following the observers’ comments, the PM explained the election system in Cambodia, which is held regularly every five years. He insisted that it shows a country that practices democracy, where political parties have five years to prepare to participate in the election.

The Prime Minister also praised Cambodia's current voting system implemented under the Paris Agreement, which put an end to the Khmer Rouge's power.

He also spoke on the process of preparing the party’s successors so that the next generation of highly educated people with digital technology skills will continue to lead.

"We are making preparations for the continuation of political and economic stability, avoiding unrest or war that could damage the country's economy and development," he was quoted as saying.

The decision to transfer power depends on the outcome of the election and future decisions. He said that the date to establish the new Royal Government may happen in time for the provisional government to attend the ASEAN Summit in early September.

The PM also revealed that a new cabinet will be formed, but can not know when it will be formed until the election results are in. He said the intention of the Royal Government is to maintain stability, sustainability, peace and development without any obstacles that affect the lives of the people and the national economy.

After the meeting with the international observers, the PM allowed a group photo to be taken as a souvenir and then continued to have lunch.

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