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Government Blocks Four Media Outlets for ‘Misleading Information’

PHNOM PENH: Ministry of Information spokesperson Meas Sophorn, told EAC News that the Royal Government's decision to block four news websites is because they spread false information and fabricated stories that confuse the public and affect the honor and prestige of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Following a public request letter released by the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia, the government has blocked Radio Free Asia in Khmer and English, including their website, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts. The social media and websites of the Cambodia Daily and Kamnotra, the data record sector of the Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM), were also made unavailable to the Cambodian public. Independent news website was also blocked.

A letter from the Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia stated, "The action will be taken to block the domains of media units that publish misleading information that affects the honor and prestige of the Royal Government. [The websites] do not meet the conditions for doing business at the Ministry of Information."

Meas Sophorn confirmed that the government ordered the online news sites to be blocked in Cambodia because they spread false information and fabricated allegations against the government without clear sources. He said that the media outlets do not respect the law and are unethical and unprofessional.

He added, “Radio Free Asia and The Cambodia Daily are news sources that constantly publish unbalanced, exaggerated and misleading information. They mislead the public by using inappropriate words to insult the Royal Government and the Cambodian leadership at will. They cannot be used as valid sources for people to make everyday decisions. People should not follow the information from those newspapers."

Meas Sophorn pointed out that the decision to shut down the CCIM’s Kamnotra, a public database aimed at providing information on things like land disputes and government documents, was made because the entity “did not fulfill its obligations in accordance with legal procedures and legal norms as a news agency to be recognized as legitimate.” He added that Kamnotra also publishes information that confuses the public.

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