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Baby Born with Limb Deformities Emphasizes Importance of Prenatal Care

BATTAMBANG: A baby was born with limb deformities in Battambang this week, much to the public’s surprise and sympathy. Born on July 15 at the Sampov Loun District Referral Hospital, the baby emerged with multiple arms and legs on his bottom half.

Director of the Sampov Loun District Referral Hospital, Poun Sambath, confirmed to EAC News that the baby was born with two arms and two legs like a normal baby, but at the bottom there were two more arms and two legs. He confirmed that the baby weighed a healthy 3.7 kilograms at birth. At two days old, the baby was sent to Kantha Bopha Hospital in Siem Reap on the morning of July 17 for further observation.

"We are not sure whether the baby needs surgery or not, we leave it to the Kantha Bopha Hospital in Siem Reap to decide," he said.

He said that the baby’s parents live in Phnom Proek district of Battambang province. This is the fifth child born to the impoverished couple. He said that several factors can cause a baby to be born with abnormalities including genetics, abnormal growth, not going to check the pregnancy regularly, malnutrition and other factors.

In this case, Dr. Poun Sambath claimed that the baby's mother did not come for regular prenatal check-ups as instructed by the doctor. He said that that abnormalities can occur in children born to rich and poor parents alike; however poor parents are more likely to carry the child to full-term. More affluent families who have access to regular prenatal check-ups tend to have abortions for pregnancies that could endanger the mother’s health.

To avoid such abnormal births, the hospital director advised pregnant people to go at least four check-ups during their pregnancy. If possible, one per month per month is ideal to monitor the health of the unborn child.

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