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Gen. Hun Manet Continues to Stir Up Support from CPP Youth

BANTEAY MEANCHEY: Leader of the Cambodian People's Youth Party, Gen. Hun Manet, made the case for the CPP’s relentless pursuit of peace and stability for the people to a crowd of young CPP members on June 21. He tasked them with protecting the party’s peace and building a strong foundation for the party’s long-term vision.

Gen. Hun Manet met with CPP youth in Banteay Meanchey Wednesday morning, where he said that over the last 44 years, the CPP has accomplished many things since the overthrow of the Khmer Rouge from rehabilitating the country following genocide, to saving Cambodian lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also credited the CPP with providing equal opportunities in education, social infrastructure and healthcare during the country’s rapid development.

"These achievements are not accidental; they are due to the CPP's clear policy of serving the people. Through these policies, the people are truly happy and lead prosperous lives because the party leaders have thought of all the ways they can benefit everyone. They see the bigger picture," he said.

He stressed that the CPP is relentless in its dedication to the people, who are included in the party's name because the party is "by the people, because of the people and for the people." He added that the CPP youth has three main responsibilities: to maintain the progress made by previous generations, to build upon that progress in the present and to lay a solid foundation for the next generation.

In order to be strong partners in achieving the party’s vision for the future, he asked the crowd of CPP youth to protect the party’s peace and stability at all costs, to respond to baseless accusations and tactics from extremists that incite the people, and to fight the negativity by doing good deeds to serve the people.

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