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Gen. Hun Manet Gives Three Important Factors for National Success

PHNOM PENH: General Hun Manet said that there are three main factors that create the conditions for success in both religion and society. He said that peace, freedom and living conditions all affect the development of the nation as a whole, especially when it comes to practicing religion and everyday living.

On June 14, Gen. Hun Manet spoke at a ceremony at Wat Phneat Sampily, a monastery in Phnom Penh’s far western side. He stressed that a country at peace creates physical and mental peace within its citizens and that non-violence is the foundation of development.

He added that freedom contributes to development and social harmony, as it allows people to make decisions about their daily lives in areas such as education, career, religion, social activities and voting for national leaders. He described the importance of adequate living conditions reflected in health, quality of life, social well-being, and household income to creating a rich society that is happy and harmonious.

After praising the recent achievements of the pagoda, Gen. Hun Manet brought up the January 7 Liberation Day which celebrates the end of the Khmer Rouge regime. He credits the occasion with prioritizing the rejuvenation of religion in Cambodia, which had been banned under the Khmer Rouge. He noted that the task was not easy as the new government had to take care to prevent the return of the Khmer Rouge while simultaneously rebuilding the country’s socio-economic landscape.

Currently, Cambodia is home to more than 5,000 Buddhist pagodas and more than 70,000 monks nationwide. The country’s policy of religious freedom allows for people of many other religions to fully practice their beliefs- an important basis for peace building.

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