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BREAKING NEWS: PM Leaks Secret Information from Opposition Group Intending To Assassinate Him

PHNOM PENH: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen intends to gain some clarity from an opposition leader who is rumoured to have planned an assassination attempt on the PM. Hun Sen said that his people are everywhere and that the corrupt plan of the opposition has been made known to him.

In a special message on his Telegram channel on the morning of June 1, Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that the opposition seems to be proud that their people are close to the PM, but in fact those agents work for him. He said that the opposition is only privy to classified information that he allows to be leaked.

He said, "I know everything about you. I get real information through my people in your group, some of whom curse me the most. When it comes to the information you get from me, it is only the information I want you to know, because I see how stupid you are. I exposed the truth about this double agent so you could at least be a little more educated.”

His remarks come after exiled opposition leader Chham Chhany reassured members of his group that even though their messages are being leaked by the PM, they have people in Hun Sen’s inner circle as well.

The Prime Minister disregarded this, saying that the opposition’s spies are in fact double agents who really work for him. He went on to say that his spy informed him of an opposition leader’s agreement to assassinate the PM and that he would resolve the issue with the unnamed leader later.

On May 31, the PM leaked audio messages of Chhany planning to organize a protest on social media, criticizing the PM and the NEC for not allowing the Candlelight Party to participate in the upcoming election. He then leaked opposition members’ responses to that leak, where they discussed finding out who was responsible for disseminating their private conversations. The PM taunted them, saying that their group was so corrupt, they would never figure out who keeps sending him their correspondence.

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