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PM Advocates for Factory Workers, Urges them to Vote

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen met with nearly 20,000 workers from the Royal Group SEZ and other Phnom Penh based manufacturers. During the meeting, he advocated for workers’ health and well-being, and called on the crowd to get out and vote in the upcoming general elections.

Speaking at the event, he made several appeals to factory owners and employees alike. He urged factory owners to prioritize workplace safety, saying that improved conditions will ultimately benefit the company as a whole. He also emphasized the need for more employee training to maintain best business practices.

The Prime Minister also called for factories to resolve their issues internally, rather than taking them to a public court of law. He said, "Solve it! You need to reach an agreement where all parties win. Avoid the courts."

Prime Minister Hun Sen also called on all factory workers to head to the polls for the upcoming general elections held on July 23.

The PM appealed to the factory workers this morning saying, "Please let me remind you about July 23, 2023. Do not forget to go to the polls to fulfill your obligations as citizens to exercise your right to vote for your favorite party."

He informed the crowd that the NEC will determine the order of appearance of the political parties on the ballot at random on May 29 in preparation for the July 23 election.

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