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Minister of Interior to Traffic Police: The Law is not Your Personal Business

KANDAL: Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Chairman of the National Road Safety Committee (NCRC), Sar Kheng, instructed traffic police officers to issue fines and invoices properly.

Speaking at the 14th National Road Safety Week in Kandal province on the morning of May 25, DPM Sar Kheang instructed all traffic police to educate and guide people before fining for traffic offenses and to respect people’s rights. He also said that all fines for traffic offenses must be based on current legal principles and must be applied equally without prejudice or discrimination.

"All fines must be invoiced and properly referenced. Do not abuse traffic laws for your personal gain," he said.

The chairman of the NRSC also told local authorities throughout the capital and provinces to make efforts to disseminate road traffic education to all. In particular, to pay attention to businesses that cause disturbances or impact traffic safety and public order.

He also called on the Capital-Provincial Road Safety Sub-Committee to address the increase of traffic accidents and victims, by taking serious measures to reduce accidents immediately. He called on all drivers and transport companies to respect the saying of Prime Minister Hun Sen, "Today, tomorrow, no traffic accidents."

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