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Deputy Police Inspector Suspended for Cockfighting

RATANAKKIRI: Deputy Inspector of the Kon Mom District Police Department, Major Uth Soeung, was temporarily suspended by the Ratanakkiri Provincial Police following a raid which found illegal cockfighting in his home.

On April 30, 2023, the Kon Mom District Police team raided the Deputy Inspector’s home and found that he was hosting illegal cockfighting. Major Soeung denied he was guilty and admonished his team for not informing him of the raid in advance.

Facebook user Ket Sothy posted a video of the raid, saying that the Major abused his position to carry out illegal activities. In the video, Major Soeung can be heard saying, "People respect each other, they understand each other. Why mess up my house like this?"

The team replied that he had already been warned twice in the past, but still persisted in his activities. They said, "You, the Deputy Inspector, did not crack down [on cockfighting] and continue to gather people to play."

The Ratanakkiri Provincial Police confirmed that their specialized forces, along with the Disciplinary Council of the Ratanakkiri Provincial Police, will continue to investigate all those involved. They also stated that if found guilty, Major Soeung will be subject to strict discipline by the National Police.

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