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Ministry of Health Closes Beauty Clinic After Fatal Surgery

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Health has announced the closure of the "Borin Esthetic Koh Pich" beauty center, located on Diamond Island’s Elite Street following a surgery that resulted in a patient’s death.

The Ministry of Health decided to close the clinic due to lack of monitoring and management techniques that endangered patients' lives. The victim went in for liposuction and fillers on May 18 and died three days later on May 21.

Prior to the announcement, Pisey Tun, the victim's brother, demanded justice from the Ministry of Health on their Facebook account. They said, “The doctor said my sister was weak and didn’t have enough blood. Why would they still perform surgery? Were they just after money? Why?”

In March, Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng signed a MoU with the Ministry of Health, urging them to inspect beauty clinics for best practices following the death of a woman who underwent cosmetic surgery in the Daun Penh district earlier that month. At that meeting, he said, “We cannot let patients die before we inspect and close the business.”

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