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PM Advises Medical Professionals and Students on Ethics

PHNOM PENH: During the inauguration ceremony of the polytechnic building at Calmette Hospital on the morning of May 23, Prime Minister Hun Sen advised medical staff, students and interns on medical ethics.

His primary instructions to doctors and interns were to respect professional ethics while considering serving and saving people as their main mission. He urged students doing an internship at the hospital to give their all to their work, remaining ever ready to save lives. “I hope that you students who are doing an internship here and are studying to be doctors to save people’s lives, put your heart and soul into being ready to serve the people,” he said.

As doctors were designated as the “White Shirt Army” during the Covid-19 pandemic, the PM advised them not to lose the title due to personal shortcomings. He then urged doctors to improve their ability to be transparent while treating patients. "Techniques that are not governed by ethical treatment will lead to accidents," he said.

He emphasized that as Calmette Hospital grows, it can provide opportunities for medical students to practice the theories they learn in schools. He noted that the hospital’s ongoing development will provide more opportunities for students to intern. According to a report he reviewed, Calmette has already received more than 2,000 interns.

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