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PM Warns Foreigners Not To Interfere In Cambodia's Internal Affairs Again

PHNOM PENH: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen warned foreigners not to interfere in Cambodia's internal affairs, as those intrusions will only make him double down on his decisions.

At the opening of Calmette Hospital’s polytechnic wing on the morning of May 23, the Prime Minister addressed a crowd of diplomats, saying that he will not pardon any criminals so long as embassies continue to visit detainees and make statements related to their cases.

While the PM did not name names, he was likely referring to the case of opposition leader Kem Sokha, who is serving a 27 year prison sentence and has been visited by foreign embassies and leaders of liberal countries in the past.

The PM said that visits to convicts is equivalent to a handshake and is therefore unacceptable.

Referring to unnamed diplomats he said, "Why do I trust you? You go to work with me, come out to meet me, and then you go to work with prisoners. What do you think I am? Let me tell you the truth, you think I'm a sucker!”

He went on to admonish foreign agencies and embassies for pressuring him to make decisions, which led to hasty conclusions in trials and sentencing. He then urged all prisoners to carry out their sentences. For example if a court sentences a person to five years in prison, he or she must serve a full five years without parole.

Hun Sen urged foreigners not to interfere in the internal affairs of Cambodia between now and the election so that Cambodia can run its own democracy.

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