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Royal Government to Increase Benefits for Pregnant Employees

SIHANOUKVILLE: Employees working under the governance of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training can expect to see an increase in benefits when they become pregnant.

Speaking at a meeting with tire factory workers in Sihanoukville on May 22, Prime Minister Hun Sen said, "I am preparing to increase the budget for pregnancy benefits.” He clarified that all workers in businesses controlled by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training will receive this allowance.

"I think if we do more, the Cambodian economy will not collapse, on the contrary, it will help keep our workers healthy," he said.

Currently, the cash support program for pregnant workers and children under two is implemented in three stages. During the first stage, pregnant people are allotted three prenatal check-ups and receive a stipend of 40,000 riels ($9.75) each time. Immediately after giving birth, the parent receives 200,000 riel ($48.75). After the child is born, ten postnatal check-ups are covered for up to two years, with a stipend of 40,000 riels being provided each time.

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