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Cambodia Commemorates National Day of Remembrance of the Dark Regime

Phnom Penh: Cambodia commemorates National Day of Remembrance to commemorate the unforgettable Democratic Kampuchea regime or the so-called Pol Pot genocidal regime.

This National Day of Remembrance is celebrated annually on May 20 each year to commemorate the day the Khmer Rouge emerged, one of the darkest regimes of Cambodia.

Prime Minister Hun Sen wrote on his social media account: "May 20 is the National Day of Remembrance Day that all Cambodians can never forget in the Democratic Kampuchea regime, or so-called "The genocide regime of Pol Pot (April 17, 1975-January 7, 1979) was a brutal and dark regime."

The Democratic Kampuchea or Khmer Rouge regime ruled Cambodia for three years, eight months and twenty days from April 1975 to January 1979, killing more than 3 million Cambodians.

After the day of liberation on January 7, 1979, since 1983, Cambodia has celebrated the Day of Remembrance, formerly known as the "Day of Anger and Genocide."

The reason for setting May 20 is because in 1973, the Khmer Rouge regime set May 20 as the birthday of its cooperatives in the liberated areas and continued to practice until they came to power in Cambodia. Let Cambodia suffer tragedy, suffering, and desolation.

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