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Candlelight Party Official Suy Chhayleang Jumps Ship, Joins CPP

PHNOM PENH: A senior official of the Candlelight Party, Suy ChhayLeang, asked to join the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), stating that he was leaving the Candlelight Party was because the party's leaders did not take a clear stand, resulting in chaos in the country. He also claimed that the Candlelight Party candidates in Kandal Province have also asked Prime Minister Hun Sen for permission to join the CPP so that they can participate in nation building and development.

He acknowledged that under the leadership of PM Hun Sen, Cambodia has experienced peaceful development and progress, adding, "I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Hun Sen, head of the Royal Government, for the historic 32nd SEA Games, which made Cambodia number one on the international stage.”

Meanwhile, he criticized the leaders of the Candlelight Party, "In the past, I joined the leadership of the former Cambodia National Rescue Party and the Candlelight Party, but their leadership has no clear position, which only causes chaos. I have decided to participate in politics with the Cambodian People's Party from now on."

While asking to join, Suy ChhayLeang included his support for the CPP's policies and support for Gen. Hun Manet's candidacy for the next prime minister.

The Prime Minister of Cambodia and President of the Cambodian People's Party, Hun Sen, announced on his Telegram that he had received the request and welcomed Suy ChhayLeang to the CPP.

Leading up to the elections, there has been a wave of opposition members joining the CPP who claim they have lost faith in the leadership of their party.

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