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Cambodia Plans to Import Tigers from India after Disappearing for Nearly 20 Years

KOH KONG: Secretary of State and spokesman for the Ministry of Environment, Net Pheaktra, confirmed that the Ministry of Environment plans to cooperate with India to import big tigers for conservation in Cambodia after the species was last documented in 2007.

"Cambodia and India are working together with the Wildlife Alliance Cambodia and the Ministry of Environment," Net Pheaktra said at a conference on the Zero-Trap Campaign in Koh Kong Province on May 15. "We are working together to facilitate the tiger project, which is an endangered species last seen in Cambodia in 2007."

Pheaktra said that in order for the tiger to be reintroduced to Cambodia, the country needs to have appropriate and safe living conditions for this species so that it can adapt to the Cambodian habitat.

"The adaptation is that we have to consider is about food. Think about its source of food and the safety of the people living around it. If we have that, then we need to take care of [nature]," he said.

According to Pheaktra, Cambodia has lost three species of animals: wild cattle, rhinos and tigers. However, in the wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia, there are many rare species including elephants, bears, bears, hogs, reindeer and leopards.

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