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PM Says Hosting the SEA Games Boosts Cambodia's Reputation for One Hundred Years

PHNOM PENH: The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, said that hosting the SEA Games has bolstered Cambodia’s reputation for hundreds of years to come.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony for more than 1,300 students of the University of Health Sciences this morning, May 18, the Prime Minister said that the organization of the SEA Games will build a good reputation because it was done well. He then emphasized the lasting impression his initiative will leave after he decided to provide free admission to Cambodians and foreigners; free room and board to athletes, coaches and delegates; and free broadcasting rights to foreign channels. He also requested free entry for foreign delegates and athletes to Cambodia’s historic Angkor Wat.

"Money can be spent, but the honor and prestige of the nation is not spent," he said referring to the free offers and well-organized sporting event.

He also lauded the Cambodian sports industry and athletes for their remarkable progress.

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